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STRIPPED: Author Micaela Thomas Opens Up About Trauma, Emotional Baggage & The Glow Up

Micaela L. Thomas is a wife and mother. Co-captain of a large, blended family, she parents six biological children, four stepchildren, and one bonus child with husband, Kendrick. Born in March 1987, she grew up in East Cleveland, OH, to a single mother and loving family village. Micaela has always had a knack for writing. Whether it was poetry, plays, songs, books, or short stories, she could always utilize her imagination to keep her centered from the internal turmoil that brewed within.

Eventually relocating to Columbus, OH., this is where she began discovering her various talents. The story of Micaela's life has been kept secret for the majority of her 33-years of existence. She has now decided to share her journey to encourage and betterment others who may be suffering in silence. She hopes to assist in advocating for the intentional healing of others through her own journey of self-awareness and manifestation.

1. What inspired you to write this book? This book actually started out as a journal. A compilation of my thoughts, my fears, my emotions, things I have gone through and secrets I never anticipated sharing with family, let alone the world. My mother, grandmother and fiance encouraged me for years,to write a book and share my story. I was resistant for a while, but then was gifted with a message that there are those out there who need to hear my story. That there are people I could help, by giving them guidance through my journey. So I went ahead and turned it all into a book. 2. Can you tell me about the book? Yes! STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH: UNPACKING THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE is a look into my journey, my life and more than anything, my testimony, that no matter what you go through in life, you can overcome, if you are only willing to be honest with yourself and the traumas you have encountered. This book is about my traumas, my struggles and the inner demons I had to deal and dance with before I could become the best version of myself. Not for anyone else, but for me. Here, I traveled down roads of abandonment, abuse; sexual, physical, mental and emotional, I struggled with finding my identity and my voice; with self-love and being aware of the people around me and their true characters and intentions. This book is truly a transparent view of my “Glow Up” as I unpack the emotional baggage I endured over the years. 3. What did you learn when writingthe book? I learned a lot about myself more than anything while writing this book. I learned that although I counted myself out at times, I also learned how to count myself in. I learned to not care, worry or stress about what other people think of me, my mistakes, my past or my current or my future. And in that, I have reached a dangerous level of not caring. I learned that I am the greatest project that I will ever work on and that requires my full attentionin order to be my best self. Even on my worstdays. 4. What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book(s)? The most surprising thing I discovered while writing my book is that, as a “Fatherless Child”, I don’t hate my father as much as I thought I would have. I have always been upset with him for his blatant and intentional absence, but I pity him more than anything. I pity the healing he was never able to find before he passed on. I pity the children he left behind to fend for themselves with severedand jagged relationships between us. In all of this, the most surprising thing I discovered was that I possess the ability to forgive and forgive wholeheartedly, despite the pity I feel for him, the disappoint he gave and the anger, I lived in for so long because of his absence.

5. What does the title mean? STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH:UNPACKING THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE means that I have removed every layer of weight that has held me back from healing the way I needed to versusjust the way i wanted to. It means removingall of the labels I have placed upon myself; as well as the ones others placed on me throughout my life. I’m starting over. I’m starting new. This title means that on my journey of destruction and self-sabotage, at some point along the way, I completely broke down. The old me and every toxic feeling, I felt, has been obliterated and I have been rebornfrom its ashes. 6. What did the subject(s) of the book think of it? My family has always been in full support of everything I have done and been a part of. For those that have read it, they are extremely happy and proud that I have decided to share my story with them and with those in need of guidance. 7. What are the subject(s) doing now? Some of the subjectsof my book are, indeed,living their best life. Unfortunately for the ones that I am no longer in contact with,it is hard to speak to what they are doing now. However, I still wish them the very best and I hope they find the peace, healing and happiness they want and need. 8. Did the book make you like the subject(s) more or less? I’ve grown into a place of Peace and forgiveness so having to relive those moments with certain subjects of my book hasn't made me feel any more or any less than what I previously had. In all transparency, yes, I was angry with them once upon a time. I was in shock, disappointed and at one point, betrayed. But I had to make a choice that no one, but me, could prevent me from moving in. What I felt for them then, was and is not my permanent place of residency. 9. How did you prepareyour energy to write an emotionally chargedbook? Going into it, in the beginning stages, was definitely a need for prep. I sat down and had a conversation with my STAR player.Overstanding that in sharing my story, I may have to reliveand recall some tough situations, but those tough situations are not who I am. They are not my current reality.Being able to grasp onto that has helped tremendously. 10. Are you on social media and can your readers interactwith you? I absolutely am on socialmedia. Readers can interact with me on:

11. Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers? Absolutely! TAKE...YOUR….TIME!! It isn’t a race. We all want to see the finished product of our literary babies, but you cannot rush the process. It is, indeed, a process. Remember that you can’t force or push your creativejuices. The intentof your story,no matter what it may be, will not turn out the way you want. Give yourself time away from your project and pace yourself.But make sure that you set aside time throughout the day to write. Even if it is only a few words or a few sentences. And last, but definitely not least, preserve and protect your energy at all costs. 12. How do you deal with the emotional impact of a book (on yourself) as you are writing the story? I keep in mind that my journey may be far from over, but I have made it this far. I can look back, in a positive light and say that, once upon a time, I didn’t even believe that I would’vemade it to this point. The biggest focus is baby steps…..everything is baby steps. You can’t make leaps and boundswhen you haven’teven mastered the art of crawling and walking. Sometimes, simple is good and being mindful that it’s okay, to not be okay, but as long as I keep going, THAT’S what makes the difference. 13. What was your favorite part, and your least favorite part, of the publishing journey? I can honestly say that I don’t have a least favourite part of the publishing journey. I, honestly, love all of it. To be able to experience bringing to life and maintaining what you createdin a published book and the brand surrounding it speaks volumes on capabilities you didn’t know you had or could even imagine doing. Every part of publishing, from beginning to end, has been my favourite. 14. What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book? The key challenges I faced when writing this book was second guessing whether or not, I was strong enoughto be a guidance for someone else and theirjourney. It is one thingto have to be strong for yourself and advocate for your own emotional and mental well-being. It is a completely different Goliath to put your journey into words for others to experience and know that you are potentially an advocate and pillar of guidance and strength based off of what they may be experiencing in life too. I had to reassess and then reassure myself that I am strong enough to not only conquermy journey, but to also empower and love othersthrough theirs. 15. What was the highlight of writing this book? Actually holdingmy book in my hand was definitely the greatest highlight. To see, feel and be able to read my creation from cover to cover. It still is and has been very surreal.

16. If your book was to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it?

Hmmmm, that is a tough one. One I would definitely have to sit and think about. I would definitely want to choose wisely on this one and choose celebrities that would embody the message behind my journey and the book in its entirety.

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