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Welcome to 2021

I wanted to take a moment to share a story with you all and introduce the new direction of this blog.

When I decided to create a blog this past year, I primarily just wanted to share my love and passion for makeup and the beauty industry as a whole. I wanted to keke with my tribe about the newest and best makeup on the scene. I began to curate a makeup collection with all of the products that I needed. And I even took courses on the foundation of of the beauty industry. Watched thousands of our favorite beauty gurus videos on YouTube hoping to one day be just like them. Until one day I decided to take an inventory of ALL my cosmetic products. As I sat on the floor in my loft taking picture after picture and going down memory lane of when I bought “this” and how happy I was when I bought “that”, I realized that all of this stuff meant nothing on its own. I realized that makeup was just one piece of the puzzle. I had to focusing on my mental beauty as well. I also need to get healthy by eating for nutrients not because I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I needed to put effort and care into my natural 4c hair. I needed to do better so I could be better. And most importantly I need to live for my own happiness and not just to impress others.

The way I look at it is like this, Yes, my face will be beautiful with makeup on, but if my inside parts are broken down and busted then looking pretty didn‘t matter so much. Side Bar Last December I gave birth to my beautiful stinking cute baby girl. And like many women, I found myself suffering with PPD shortly thereafter. Then my hair started to fall out ‘round March and after 6 months of dieting I could not lose the baby weight I gained to save my life. I only gained 25 pounds but I was already obese (a whopping 223 lbs.) when I got pregnant. On top of all of that COVID-19, plus the marital issues my husband and I were having spilled over into the new year. So, I decided to protect my mental health (as well as my children’s) and we moved out.

I was using this blog to take my mind off of all the bullshit that was going on in my life. It was my little play area of freedom from real life struggles. But it lacked substance, goals and direction.

Now I see that I can really use this to reach and teach other women. I fully understand that we all are not in the same boat but we are in the same storm. It’s just some have yachts, some have canoes and some are drowning. My goal is that I can be the life preserver until the Coast Guard arrives.

So moving forward I am actually going to devote this blog to real Wellness & Beauty. Meaning that you will now find articles on how to enhance your natural beauty through foods, healthy beverages and exercise. You’ll also learn recipes for making homemade facials with natural ingredients. There will also be articles that are solely for women of color who have natural hair. Ofcourse we are still going to talk about makeup, but it will be for all levels- beginner to advanced.

I hope you all enjoy the new take on this here blog. Please subscribe and chat with me in the comments.



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