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Whether you like to apply a full face of makeup every day or prefer a no makeup, makeup look. Primer may be the best new addition to your makeup routine. If you’re someone who completely skips the use of primer, you’re not alone! In most cases, we either aren’t sure how to use it or just don’t think that we need it. 

What Is a Makeup Primer? A makeup primer is a cream, gel or liquid designed to create a smooth base for your makeup. Just like your foundation, it comes in a variety of finishes—dewy, satin or matte—and works to fill in pores, absorb excess oil and even out your skin texture so your foundation goes on smoother, appears more natural and lasts much longer. Some makeup primers offer a little bit of coverage for minor skin imperfections, while some deliver additional skin care benefits like hydration, anti-aging and sun protection to enhance your skin over the long term.

Primers, however, don’t just apply to foundation—and they go beyond makeup. Here are the different types of primers, what exactly they do and why you need them.

1. Foundation Primer: Creates a Smooth Base for Foundation Think of using a foundation primer just as you would a paint primer for your house. The goal is to create a smooth base coat before applying the final coat. Primer not only has additional skin benefits like hydration and oil control, it provides a base for makeup to stick to. Primer really increases the longevity of your makeup and prevents creasing throughout the day.

Foundation primers are not one-size-fits-all, and not all of them deliver the same benefits. To help you find the right foundation primer for you, it’s always wise to consider your skin type and concern.

2. Eyelid or Eyeshadow Primer: Keeps Eyeshadow From Creasing Do you notice that your eyelids get a little oily throughout the day? Have you ever realized that your eyeshadow has become creased or that the pigment fades too quickly? Eyelid primer may be exactly what’s missing from your makeup routine. Eyelid primer not only enhances pigmentation of your shadow, but also prevents creasing. Eyelid primers will allow your eye makeup to glide on smoothly and keep it fierce throughout the day. 3. Eyelash Primer: Makes Your Eyelashes Look Fuller and Longer If you’re looking for stronger, thicker lashes, eyelash primer is a great choice for you. Eyelash primer lengthens your lashes, and, in some cases, can also stimulate lash growth. It also creates a nice base for your mascara to grab onto, making it last longer.

4. Nail Primer: Protects Your Nails and Makes Polish Last Primer is not just for perfecting our makeup. Primer can also be a game changer for our nails. This multi-use product helps our polish stay on longer and protects our nails from chipping. 5. Hair Primer: Protects Hair From Heat and Humidity A hair primer creates a barrier to help protect hair from heat styling, humidity and more. Hair primers are great for creating an additional layer of protection to minimize heat or chemical damage.

What are some of your go to primers? Share in the comments.

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