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My Amazon Top 15 Favorites

Hey Ya'll!

What an amazing year it has been. So many changes and revelations.

Today I don't want to take up too much of your time as I am sure that you are preparing for Holiday Season. So today's article is only about my favorite Amazon Items.

That I actually use.

You will also find that the first two items are journals that I created. So go ahead and click the links and buy them. One for you, yo' mama, sister and BFF!! I could really use your support as I continue to take care of my kids without any assistance from their other parent.

This journal is a great tool for your divination, journaling, diaries, taking notes, manifesting, affirmations, writing memos, drawing.

Perfect for both travel and fitting right on your bedside table. Whether it's for group Bible Study or personal worship, this prayer journal is the perfect tool to build a stronger relationship with God! With this journal you can track when your prayers are answered.

These seamless yoga pants are super comfy. They offer tummy support and make your booty look super juicy.

Going in 2023 we can no longer have the wobbles under our arms. With these weights you can strengthen and tone your arm muscles.

I honestly believe "Stella" used these to get her groove back. These kettlebells will improve your overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination while also melting fat and sculpting healthy and lean muscles.

I have to admit I was addicted to processed foods and sugar. But with the help of the Dr. Sebi Bible I am making better choices and I feel healthier. The constant bloat and excess weight is falling off quickly.

Best tea I have ever had in my entire life. It tastes like the feeling I get when I watch the sunset. I think you will love it too.

Sometimes at the end of a long day my body feels restless and I can't settle my brain. I take two drops 15 minutes before bed and I sleep through the night without any problems. Even if I wake up to check on the kids or use the restroom, I am able to go right back to sleep. The best part is that I do not feel drowsy in the morning. I am fully rested and ready for the day.

Ten Toes Down I stand by this mascara. It is the only mascara that gives me the volume and length that I desire. It makes me look like I have on false lashes. I love that it dries quickly without leaving my lashes look like spider legs.

If you're like me then debt can cause major anxiety. This book help me understand how to build generational wealth and avoid common financial traps. If you are looking for ways to earn your degree debt -free then book is for you too. The author gives some great insights on how to start living your dream life today. I would also recommend this book to those of you who plan to retire within the next 12-24 months.

Listen... as soon as my employer sent me a laptop because our offices went fully remote I bought this. Now I am not longer stuck at my desk. I can sit on the couch or the patio and not have to worry about my lap getting hot. It comes in several different colors. My favorite part is the built-in mouse pad. It also has smart phone holder, that I use to hold my lip gloss.

Buy it now and thank me later. The skin on my face, neck, and decolletage have not felt this good since undergrad. Period on Period.

Tatcha always come through with some of the most amazing products. This lip mask can be worn day or night. It smells like sweet strawberries and peaches. I recommend this product to everyone but if your lips chap easily especially in the winter than this one is for you.

Buy this book if you want to fully enhance your way of thinking and determine your life purpose. Buy this book if your goal is help the collective heal from trauma or if you want to heal from your own trauma. Buy this book if you are going through a spiritual awakening and are looking for guidance.

Pistachios are my favorite snack of all time. The salt and pepper flavor are the bomb dot com.

Great news! If you make a purchase from any link above, my blog earns a small affiliate commission from the site.


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