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Makeup Overhaul: How long does your makeup last?

Hello! My name is Denay and I am a makeup junkie.

Well... I used to be one. Until I found out that makeup actually expires. So, if you're a makeup junkie, or if you haven't cleaned out your makeup drawer in years, it's time for an overhaul. I'm willing to bet you have atleast some makeup that you shouldn't or just dont wear.

It's time for a fresh start!!

On the first pass through of your collection, throw out anything you havent work in the last year to year and a half. If you haven't used it within that time frame , your are not going to. Plus, colors changr in makeup jjst like they do in fashion, so even if you were to go back toit, it could be out of style.

For your second pass through, let's talk real expiration dates. Believe it or not, makeup really does expire- just check out the chart below. Use it to decide which products in your arsenal to keep and which ones to throw out based on age. And remember that if a product has changed color or if the product starts to smell, than it has gone bad. So, throw it out!!!

How long does your makeup last?

These timelines are based on makeup industry and health industry recommendations.

As you see on the chart, some products last much longer than others. Things that you put around your eyes that can breed bacteria-such as mascara needs to be changed out more often. Creaminy things that you double dip in should also be changed regularly because they can breed bacteria too. Natural and organic products, because they don't contain preservatives, go bad relatively quickly. Powders last much longer.

Be aware that makeup manufactures are not required by law to put expiration dates on their products, but most do feature a symbol that tells you how long it's good for after being opened. It's a picture of an open jar with a number followed by the letter m, for the number of months you have after you open it.

PRO TIP: How you store your makeup also makes a differnece. Keep it dry and out of the sun and heat. The more temperature controlled you keep it, the longer it will last. If it goes from cold to hot and hot to cold too many times, it can go bad much quicker.

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