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I Am Obsessed With Dermaplaning!

Gurrrrllllll, have you heard of Dermaplaning? I am obsessed with it.

This week I had the great opportunity to chit chat with my good Judy, Lakeisha White, of Skinnsation Beauty Bar. Located in Riverside, CA. She is my goto source for all things skincare. Here is a what I learned about Dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning is a manual form of exfoliation technique. When done correctly it helps treat hyperpigmentation, texture, dry skin and enlarged pores. Dermaplaning removes layers of dead skin cells, and peach fuzz hair (also known as vellus hair) with a surgical 10 blade. It is another form of exfoliation that can only be done by a qualified and licensed esthetician (except for in the state of California where estheticians are not allowed to perform the service).

Benefits of Dermaplaning:

After 6 months

  • Treats hyperpigmentation – one of the hardest pitfalls to bounce back from,

  • Softens skin texture – I can’t speak for everyone but getting baby soft skin is my mission!

  • Pain free – this is very comforting, if you’re anything like me when it comes to others handle sharp objects near your face.

  • Non-irritating – the whole idea is to achieve our skins best life, so no irritation is always a plus.

  • Instantly brightens – no makeup days will be great with glowing bright skin!

  • Assists with product penetration- this is geat for us serum users.

  • Flawless makeup application – Baybee this right here is the game changer, as great skin is the foundation for a flawless makeup look

It is advise that anyone with ACTIVE acne or severe breakouts should not undergo this exfoliating treatment as, the blade will cut open the acne bumps resulting in a spread of bacteria across your face. Which you definitely do not want. Also, dermaplaning can not be done before a peel as it it will change the depth of the peels penetration.

From my research many individuals were curious as to whether or not the process would result in the vellus hair growing back thicker and with a vengeance. After speaking with a Lakeisha White, she has confirmed that the myth of excess hair growth is just that, a myth. Lakeisha encourages that after any exfoliation process that we apply SPF daily and reapply throughout the day.

For more information about Dermaplaning or to receive a free skin consultation, you can contact

Lakeisha White at Skinnsation Beauty Bar or on Instagram

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