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365 Questions For A Better You: the February Edition

And it’s already time for the 365 Questions For A Better You the February edition. Let’s continue reflecting on ourselves to grow and improve.

When I wrote the 365 Questions For A Better You the February edition, I had no idea where they’d take me.

In fact, when I created the list, I had only myself in mind.

I wanted to expand my daily reviews and reflections.

While I was consistent with journaling in 2020, I caught myself writing about similar subjects over and over again. There were different things going on in my life. Yet, I developed the habit of looking at my days from the same perspective. Meditating on my experiences and making notes of my findings was a nice routine. Still, there was something missing…

Creating the prompts

I realized I had to find a way to force myself out of the box.

But how could I do it without “cheating”?

It was November 2020. Every single day, I started writing an average of 10 prompts. Because I started early, I knew I’d have already “forgotten” them by the time I had to answer the questions. This daily exercise led me to pay more attention to my days and the way they affected me. When I sat down in the evening, I turned my experiences into cues.

By early in December, I had collected all the 365 Questions For A Better You.

When I saw the final result, I felt I had to share it with everyone.

Welcome to the 365 Questions For A Better You the February edition

The feedback I got from the January edition was incredible. It’s impossible to describe how I feel. All I can say is:

Thank you very much for all the support, love, and kindness.

And I hope you’ll like this month’s list too. I’m looking forward hearing from you and reading your answers.

February prompts

32. What’s your Goal for the next month? 33. Your favorite way to recharge your energy levels. 34. Your favorite song right now is… 35. What’s stressing you right now? 36. What fear is holding you back? 37. What’s the career of your Dreams? 38. Something funny that happened to you recently. 39. Your current role model. 40. What’s on your mind right now? 41. What would you like to eat today? 42. If you could make 1 wish come true, what would it be? 43. What causes you anxiety? 44. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 45. Who do you miss the most in your life? 46. What’s your favorite movie of all time? 47. Write 3 things that bring you joy. 48. Did you feel irritated today? Why? 49. How does your schedule look like today? 50. The role of kindness in your life. 51. What’s your Affirmation for today? 52. Describe your first meal of the day. 53. What are you struggling with at the moment? 54. What would you like to change in your routine? 55. One old habit you want to eliminate. 56. Most expensive possession you own. 57. What’s your favorite sport? 58. What’s holding you back from improving your lifestyle? 59. Coffee, tea or warm milk?

Before you go

Can you answer the following question in the comments below, please?

What do you like the most about journaling?


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