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Your Basic Skincare Routine: Tone (Why & With What)

Toning is an integral component in your healthy skin routine. A good toner is a multi-purpose tool for skin and beauty. Not only will toner remove any trace elements of cleanser you may have left behind, but a good one will also restore the optimal pH balance to your skin.

Toning primes your skin nicely for a moisturizing sealer.

Toning is a very important step that many often overlook. Most skin issues arise from an imbalance in your skin's physiology. They can also be caused by an imbalance in your body's physiology. So it is either outside or inside, if you have chronic skin issues, you are out of balance My Dear.

Here's a list of very good, stand alone, toner options:

  • aloe juice

  • rose water

  • witch hazel

  • diluted apple cidar vinegar

  • a little diluted vodka

  • fresh ginger or cucumber juice

All of these are great options for healing, soothing, hydrating and imparting a dewy glow to your skin. These stand alone ingredients are also great to add to your more complex recipes.

Toning with natural, products will help to restore and or maintain optimal balance for your skin. Add Tea Tree Oil for a little booster.

Tea Tree Oil is fantastic for your skin. If you have particularly oily or acne prone skin, I would strongly suggest you start incorporating Tea Tree Oil into your skin care routine slowly.

It will help to combat the growth of any bacteria that may be brewing on the surface or even at deeper layers of your skin. Tea Tree Oil will not only treat and minimize existing acne issues, but can stop future outbreaks before they even get started, or at least decrease the length of time and severity that they are present. You can buy Tea Tree Oil from Amazon.

It's very strong, so you only need to mix a few drops in your aloe juice, witch hazel, green tea, or diluted vodka to create a fantastic and budget friendly toner. Play around with your ideal proportions. You will only need a few dropsfor about 24oz. of toner.

Bamboo Extract is another fantastic tonig booster that you can include into your skincare routine.

The silica in Bamboo will help stimulate cell turnover in the epidermis (top layers) of your skin. Increased cell turnover means that your skin is creating more new healthy cells and shedding the older, duller, lack luster cells faster. The results are the appearance of clearer, healthier skin. You can order Bamboo Extract from Amazon.

Bamboo Extract is tremendous for stimulating and accerlerating hair growthas well!

Make sure that you shake your mixtures well, before each use. Lightly moisten a cotton round or coton square and gently dab your toner all over your face and neck after cleansing. Theres no need to dry your face after you cleanse.

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