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The Life And Times of Vinny The Pug; How A Little Pup's quest for a Guinness World Record helped him

Volume #1 of Vinny the Pug's biography tells the story of the little pug who moved from Orlando to Phoenix where he experienced and overcame culture shock.

If it ain't a Pug, then it's just a dog!”— Allen Y. Kimble, Jr.

The True Life Story of Vinny the Pug began in Orlando on September 12, 2001. Florida's economy was in shambles after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington. Overnight, Florida's tourism industry ground to a halt. Vinny's human made the difficult decision to move the family out west to seek improved employment opportunities.

When they arrived in Phoenix, Vinny was still just a pup, not yet one and a half years. However, he was old enough to have been surprised by what he saw. Arizona was extremely different from what he was accustomed to back home in Florida. Orlando was lush with greenery. There were trees, vegetation, and lakes everywhere. But then, it suddenly occurred to Vinny that his new home in Phoenix was in the Sonoran Desert.

There was another surprise for him; the boulders and rocks that littered the desert floor. Looking back to those days, there was no way for Vinny to have known that it was those rocks that would enable him to climb his way to international recognition. The rocks scattered around Phoenix and other locations like Scottsdale and Sedona would, one day, enable him to climb his way to becoming a rock star in Arizona. "The True Life Story of Vinny the Pug" is Volume #1 of a series of books that will tell the many stories of the little pug from Orlando who moved to the Sonoran Desert.

'LIFE & TIMES OF VINNY THE PUG' book contains 90-pages; it is the first in his upcoming series of reading activity books.

Vinny the Pug' biography is an enjoyable read for solo or group reading and discussions. and adults of every age.

  • Suitable for ages 8 - 12 through Adults for easy and enjoyable reading.

  • 19-Color Pictures + 20- Black & White Pages to Color of Vinny the Samurai Pug.

  • Large 8.5 x 11 pages for best viewing and page coloring on alternate pages to prevent bleed-over.

  • The Real Life Story of Vinny the Pug as he discovers the fun of rock climbing in the Sonoran Desert.

  • Graphic Arts and Mandala coloring pages.

A great gift for any occasion, or no reason at all. Order your Vinny the Pug reading and activity book now.

A Free Collector's Pin with every book purchase through March 31, 2023. This Limited Edition collectors pin was designed from a photograph of Vinny the Pug posing atop a boulder in Papago Park in the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix, Arizona.

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He was my best friend for thirteen amazing years. While we were together, we shared many great adventures in the Sonoran Desert of Phoenix, Arizona.

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