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Spiritual Morning Rituals For Success & Wellness

33 spiritual morning rituals for success, empowerment, manifesting and wellness. Supercharge your morning routine or discover new morning ritual ideas to add to your own…

What Are Morning Rituals?

Morning rituals are habits that you adopt to start your day off better. The morning is a powerful time to focus on our intentions, connect with our spirit/higher self and increase our energy. Some of the most successful people in the world have morning rituals.

How you start your day sets the whole tone of your day, energetically. Even a small change every morning can make a big difference if done consistently.

Why not create a sacred space to do your morning rituals?

Are Your Mornings Helpful?

Have a look at what you do every morning and how it affects you. If you don’t already do morning rituals the chances are you may be doing some time-sucking things that only deplete your energy. Some common things we do cloud our minds and trigger us to being negatively reactive.

By cutting these things out you can create more time to add a few life-affirming rituals in. If you are someone that gets up late, try getting up just 15 minutes earlier to create the time for this. Below are a few common bad morning habits that you might want to reconsider. Total transparency here, I used to do all three.

1. Checking Social Media

This is the most common way we start the day off badly. What you are doing is allowing a bunch of other peoples thoughts, lives and opinions to fill your mind before your own. It takes one annoying post or article to set a chain of thoughts that really don’t help you at all. There is plenty of time later in the day to check these posts if you need to when you are more centered.

“You can use social media,

but just don’t let it use you”

2. Reading, Listening To Or Watching The News

If you want to check the headlines or keep up with current events that is your choice. The problem is when you do this early in the morning. Most of the news is negative, scary, confusing and sensational. This puts you into a mental state of worry or fear first thing in the morning. This programs your mind to think this is a dangerous place to live, keeping you stuck in your lower chakras.

3. Checking Your Emails

Spam, adverts and other peoples requests on your time. If you run a business or work from home it might be tempting to do this as you start your day, just in case there is something urgent, right? I highly recommend you work within office hours from home. Otherwise, you are letting your boss or clients occupy your headspace 24/7.

Why not journal daily? Fill your mind with thoughts of what you WANT, not what you don’t want…

Beginning Morning Rituals

The truth is you don’t have to get up at 4 am to have an effective morning routine (I don’t). If you only have five minutes then use them wisely. I think it is much easier to start small and then build up over time. If possible, try introducing three rituals to your morning with a minimum of 5 minutes dedicated to each one.

The beauty of morning rituals is that they can be perfectly customized to your lifestyle and personal needs. You can change them up, add to them, spend more or less time on each one.

Adopting new habits takes some time. You need to do these spiritual morning rituals for at least a month before they become true habits. It also takes some time to see and feel the difference in your mindset and life. At first, it will be hard and even uncomfortable. Keep going, it is worth it but you must commit to doing this.

TIP – Create A Reminder

Once you decide on a morning routine, write down in order each ritual on a piece of paper or a post-it note. Have this somewhere where you see it every morning when you wake up.

Alternatively, set a notification on your phone but just be careful to resist the temptation to check social media. A list is very helpful in the beginning so you know what you are doing in order. Eventually, it becomes second nature.

You morning routine affects your whole day

33 Spiritual Morning Rituals

Most of the information out there on morning routines and rituals focus on physical health, the mind and motivation. These are all great ways to start your day. If you are spiritual you might want to include more metaphysical methods to raise your vibration and manifest the life you want.

I’ve created an idea list for you below to choose helpful rituals to begin your day. I’ve broken them down into groups so you can more easily customize your own rituals. You could pick one from each category or go with what your needs are. Pick at least three things to begin or add them to your existing morning rituals.

15 Minutes or More?

Some of these rituals can take less than 5 minutes and that is all you need to start. A single yoga exercise can be done in this time but not for a longer yoga set. Reading is also something that you may want to do for 10 minutes. If you have one day a week where you have more time (your day off) then you could have a longer morning ritual on that day.

A few crystals in the area you do your morning rituals help raise the energy

Morning Rituals For Your Body

Drink warm lemon water

Grounding visualization with a grounding stone

Drink herbal tea

Do one random act of kindness


Make and drink a fresh green juice

Tai Chi

Do a breathing exercise


Smoky Quartz helps connect you with the Earth wherever you are

Morning Rituals For Your Mind


Repeat Affirmations

Read a spiritual book

Visualize your dream life

Gratitude, think of things you’re grateful for

Visualize your day ahead going smoothly

Read a motivational book

Do some Journaling

Visualize your main goal in detail with Clear Quartz

Visualize three things you want to manifest with Clear Quartz

Read a personal development book

Listen to or watch an inspirational podcast or video

Contemplate your Vision Board

Morning Rituals For Your Soul

Pull an Oracle or Tarot card for the day

Give yourself Reiki or other healing energy

Send Reiki or healing energy to someone who needs it

Repeat a mantra

Activate your psychic protection shield

Pray or connect with a higher power

Meditate with a crystal

Cleanse and balance your chakras

Use a mala or prayers beads for mantras or affirmations

Cleanse your aura with incense, singing bowl or selenite

Connect with your guides or angels

Oracle card decks can be motivational and empowering

Simple Morning Routine Example 1

1 – Grounding for 5 minutes

2 – Affirmations for 5 minutes

3 – Gratitude journal for 5 minutes

Simple Morning Routine Example 2

1 – Meditation for 5 minutes

2 – Psychic protection technique for 5 minutes

3 – Oracle card of the day for 5 minutes

Simple Morning Routine Example 3

1 – Cleanse your aura for 5 minutes

2 – Visualize your biggest goal for 5 minutes

3 – Yoga for 10 minutes

Let me know if you will be trying any of these morning rituals. I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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