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Makeup Master Class: Setting Powder


Your makeup will not last the day unless you set it, and that is what powder does for you: it sets everything in place. If you don’t powder, when you apply your color products, they will catch on different areas of the skin and look blotchy instead of going on evenly and smoothly. Powder is the finishing step that helps the skin appear smooth and natural. You can even brush it on over a clean, moisturized face for a fresh, no-makeup look.

Powder comes in two basic forms: loose and pressed.

Both will set your makeup and absorb excess shine and oil.

Loose powder is more oil-absorbing than pressed powder. I always prefer to use loose powder when I am first setting foundation and concealer. It gives a better finish and prevents the need for touch-ups longer.

Pressed powder is wonderful because it is easy to carry and use for touch-ups throughout the day. If you have oily skin, powder is a must because it prevents excess shine from the oils in your skin, which can draw attention to textural flaws.

Your powder should be milled as fine as possible. The finer a powder is milled, the higher the quality and the less likely it is to cake on the skin. Finer-milled powders will feel more like velvet, whereas less-milled powders feel grittier.

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