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Makeup Master Class: Eye shadow

Eye shadow

Eye shadow can do so much to bring attention to your eyes and wake up your face. It can reshape your lids to make them look the most beautiful. When choosing eye shadow consider both the texture and the finish. Both make an enormous difference in the affect they create and how dramatic they look. Most importantly, depending on your goals some choices are better than others. So let me give you all the knowledge you need.



These shadows come either loose or pressed. Both formulas vary in finish from matte to shimmer and from iridescent to frosty. The pressed version is the most popular and the easiest to use because it blends so well. Most make up lines offer the largest color choices and this texture. Loose powder, eyeshadows which are usually a pure color pigment, work great and blend as well as theirpressed counterparts, but you must be a little more careful of shadow fallout. This is no big deal after dipping your applicator and shadow just make sure to tap the excess off before you apply. Powder shadows can be applied with a brush, sponge tipped applicator, or your fingers but, a brush gives you the best blend and results.


These shadows are available in every finish the most popular are shimmers, frosts and mattes. They are great if you have dry eyelids. Be careful though because many cream shadows can crease. However, there are some cream eye shadows that dry to a powder finish. Many, if not most or at least water-resistant; some are rather waterproof and long wearing. For a more intense color, layer a cream eyeshadow on first and then follow it with a powder eyeshadow. This will make them harder to blend so make sure you place the color where you want it when you first apply it.


These are eye shadows put into a convenient pencil form. They are useful for around the eye close to the last line lash line because they are sharpened to a point and can be applied with precision they also work great anywhere on the eyelid their position precision makes it easy to get the product right where you want and need it whether it be the last line lash line kris or brow bone after application simply smudge the line with your finger a sponge tipped applicator or a brush to blend and create the effect you want


Liquid shadows usually come in a shiny metallic finish and they are the hardest to use because liquid shadow doesn’t blend easily you must be precise make sure you get it right where you want it from the start so it’s best when applied with a brush liquid is usually used either as an eyeliner or applied close to the lash line for color intensity



Matte finish has absolutely no shine or shimmer to it matte textured eyeshadows are the best for creating a natural no make up look they usually contain a higher level of color pigment and they work well for reshaping and defining the Eye a matte finish is the best and for mid tone shades which need it to look very natural in my eyeshadow will draw absolutely no attention to any fine lines or crepe like texture on your eyelids


Satin eyeshadows fall in between Matt and shimmer they are shinier than a matte but have no sparkle or shimmer to them so they give the eyelid a sheen without appearing sparkly or glittery they are great for dry lids to create a natural look without turning as ashy as a matte eyeshadow might a satin finish is easy to wear and works well on all skin types


Frosted shadows have the absolute most shine a sheen to them they can actually look reflective a frosted eyeshadow gives you a much a picker coverage than a shimmer shadow completely covering the skin underneath it the Mikey Mika the shiny particle in a frost is usually one shade most often a silvery white and each little flack of Mika is opaque as well because of this they create the most drama and change in color when used but the little flex of my guys can collect in the fine lines and draw more attention to them they usually come in fun light pastel shadesAs well as great metallic shades

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