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Makeup Master Class: Blush

Blush can be one of your BFF's or, then again, one of your worst enemies if you choose the wrong one. It can bring a gorfeous glow to your cheeks and give you an amazing sexy flush. But some folks find it hard to use so they just stay clear of it all together.

The formula, texture, and finish can make a huge difference in whether your blush is your friend or your enemy. Most textures of blush come in multiple finishes, from matte and shimmer. Some formulas are easier than others to apply and use, while some have greater staying power. Different formulas also can give you differing levels of of coverage; some are sheer and some contain heavier pigments, giving you more coverage and intensity of color.


Powder blush is color pigment set in a powder base. It's the most popular type of blush because it's the easiest to control and use. It's ususally available in the widest range of shades. Applied with a soft blush brush, it gives a dusting of color that works well with the majority of skin types. Powder blush is the best choice for oily skin, but if you have really dry skin, this formula might not be your BFF. It's wonderful for combination and normal skin. Powder is usually packaged in a pressed form, but can also be found in a loose version. Some formulas are matte, and some contain shimmer. The matte version tends to look the most natural and will not accentuate textural flaws in your skin.


This blush color pigment set in a cream base. It is a fresh dewy finish that gives the face a luminous, natural glow. It is a great product for normal to dry skin, but especilly good for dry skin because it slides easily over the surface and blends into the skin. It works best when applied after your foundation and befoe your powder so it can blend in more easily.

Unfortuneately, if you have oily skin, cream blush is not your BFF. It will not wear well. It will slip and slide off of your face. It does not work well on skin with large pores because it tends to accentuate them. It's great, however, for those who do not need or want to wear foundation. Just apply it with your fingers, a sponge, or the appropriate brush and work it into the skin. You can also layer it under powder blush for more intense color and longer wear.


Gel blush contains color pigments wrapped within silicone particles. It works best on people with normal to dry skin. It will not last on oily skin. It smoths nicely onto bare skin to create a pretty, sheer, translucent glow. That's not to say you can't use it with foundation; you can! Just make sure that you apply it before your powder. It is long lasting, looks natural, and is easy to use. You can use your fingers or a sponge to apply and then smooth it into the skin.


This blush or tint is a liquid that stains the skin temporarily. It works on all skin types. It is applied like gel bluhs, but it's a little more difficult to work with as it must be blended quickly due to its staining quality. Just remember that practice makes perfect. Liquid blush is waterproof so expect for it to last all day. Just like gel blush, you can use either a sponge or your fingers to apply it and blend it into your skin.

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