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Lets's Start With the Basics: An Introduction to Skincare

Raise your hand if you know that Women of Color have been blessed with the most BEAUTIFUL skin. Our skin does more than naturally shine, glow and glisten, it also protects us from the elements and even aging. #blackdontcrack However, with that being said, we must still take care of what God has generously blessed us with.

Having clear healthy skin is easier than most people realize. All you need are the correct products for your skin and apply products with the proper techniques and a consistent routine. We experience skin issues either because we are using the wrong products, we are using the products incorrecly or we are not using them regularly. To be honest, it's usually a combination of all 3.

I have found that many products strip off essential protective oils by using harsh chemicals. All natural remedies or clean skin care products do an amazing job of cleaning the skin, without harmful stripping. They not only remove dead skin cells and excess oils, but these cleansers will also dissolve dirt and other impurities, while providing rich nourishment.

You too can develop a highly customized beauty routine, that's natural potent and way under budget. It is totally doable!!

A Sound Complete Skincare Routine Includes:

Twice Daily Cleansing

Twice Daily Toning

Twice Daily Moisturizing

Twice Daily Eye Cream

Weekly Exfoliating

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Masking

DON'T FORGET SUNCREEN: As I have discussed in a previous article Got SPF, even though our skin is rich in melanin and we have a measure of protection, it is still very important that even Women of Color use sunscreen to protect ourselves from harmful ultra-violet rays. This will also help slow down the effects of aging...even more!

There are several factors that will impact your skin outside of what you put on it. Specifically, what you put IN it! As much has possible, you need to incorporate the following into our Daily Beauty Routine:

  1. Water: Sufficient water intake is crucial to healthy clear skin. Drinking lots of water will keep your skin plum and hydrated, supple and glowing. It will also flush your pores and help them purge excess oils and other toxins. Not drinking enough water could cause dryness or oiliness, dull skin and sunken hollows. Not to mention chronic acne! A minimum of 96oz. of water a day is perfect.

  2. Fresh LIVE Foods: Eating LIVE food will supply invaluable vitamins and nutrients into your skin's cell structure. Feeding your body a health, live, fresh balanced diet, will also feed your skin all of the goodness it nees to thrive! Remember- the foods you eat affect the tone and texture of your skin. #eatpretty

  3. Eat EXTRA Greens: Along with your LIVE Fresh Foods, you will want to concentrate on eating lots of leafy greens. These are full of folic acid and iron, which will keep your skin looking fresh and clear. Not to mention make your hair grow like crazy!!! Kale & Spinach are especially good for beauty.

  4. Adequate Sleep: 8-10 hours is optimal, Beauty Sleep is real and you need to get yours! Not only does inadequate sleep create sallow (an unhealthy yellow or pale brown color) sullen skin, but it will prematurely age you.

  5. Minimize Stress: Overtime, stress will age you horribly. If you want to end up with a face full of wrinkle, cracks and crevices, continue to worry and stress. Learn not to stress the small stuff, to not take things personally and to keep the main thing the main thing. Have faith in all optimal outcomes and release what no longer serves you. #giveittoGod

Incorporating these activities into your daily routine will enhance your beauty degree rapidly.

Prime & protect your skin from the inside out!

I am affiliated with the brands in this article. What does that mean? It means that if you click on this link and make a purchase then I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. This allows me to maintain this website and provide for my babies.

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