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Jolie Beauty | Bomb Dot Com Palette Review

The Jolie-Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette is a palette filled with what I like to call Unicorn Glitter. It has 24 shades of pressed glitter and is the perfect companion to all of your other eyeshadow palettes. It is irresistible to any beauty lover. The only thing you need to apply them is your finger, but if you choose to use an eyeshadow brush then I'd recommend using a glitter glue or setting spray to pack the glitter onto your eyelid.

The Bomb Dot Com palette can get used on the eye and any other part of your body. The glitter is a cosmetic grade so you can use them all over your face, body and of course, your eyes. They are Vegan and a cruelty free palette as well! It costs $42.00 but you can currently get an additional 25% off for Black Friday making it only $31.50!

The glitters are bold in color and in the right lighting they really shine like diamonds. This a a great palette to spice up your party look! Can you just imagine being the highlight of all the holiday pictures this year?

I found it easier to use my finger to pack the glitter onto my eyes and I like to use the brush to spread the glitter to places such as the inner corner of my eye.

All of the shades are gorgeous! The colors Princess, Mermaid and Amazon are holographic and go on super smooth without any issue. But as with all glitters some are going to be patchy. Like Sugar, Regal and Disco took a bit of work to maneuver. However, they will last all day and will survive a nap without needing a re-application.

So if you are a Unicorn and love to sparkle and shine, watch my first impression and review right here on Youtube. XOXO!


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