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Brittany Kennedy- The Truth Teller

Through my life’s journey I have been blessed to meet some truly amazing and gifted women. Women who have empowered me to continue to move forward and not allow my past to define who I am now. I want to thank them all , whether if they came into my life for a reason, a season or for a lifetime.

Today I want to introduce you to woman who I recently welcomed into my world. Her name is Brittany Kennedy, she is the Executive Director of Artest University, a Model, a Holistic Practitioner, an Entrepreneur and she is The Truth Teller- a highly skilled Tarot Reader.

In June of 2020 Brittany Kennedy had the grand opening of her e-commerce business Nefertiti Rising Apothecary which offers magical things for your spiritual needs.

On January 19th we met via zoom where I had the opportunity to receive a Tarot Reading and discuss with Ms. Kennedy her journey as a Tarot Reader.

Now my knowledge of Tarot is limited but I knew to ask for a 3 card spread because it will represent my past, present & future.

The reading starts with observing the time 11:08. Kennedy applies the principles of numerology to her readings. 1+1+0+8=10. 10 represents independence, being or feeling alone, secluded, and isolation. However, 10 is really the number 1 with a circle around it. Meaning that I am not alone. The Divine Spirit, my guides and ancestors are always with me. She then cleanses the cards with Palo Santo and asks for a divine message.

Cards Drawn:

10 of Pentacles (past) - I have had stability due to many financial blessings.

4 of Swords in reverse (present) - Due to disappointments and/or betrayals I had to take time to nuture my emotional sacred space, I am finding the strength to come back into the world after having to protect my energy.

Moon Face Forward (future)- Do not second guess yourself and move forward. Do not be afraid.

I wanted to share a small portion of my reading with you all because it was completely, 100% accurate. (Not wanting to share the private details of my reading is my business.) I have been to a few Truth Tellers, but never have I ever been so in awe of ones accuracy until now. She even tapped into my concerns with my throat charka without me having to say a word. I highly recommend using Ms. Kennedy's services.


When did you learn that you had the ability to allow The Spirit to speak through you?

"So growing up I was raised in the church, I was raised Christian. And then when I was about 13 I became a little more aware of the spirit world and what really happens in that dimension and had a strong understanding of that. I can remember times at that age when someone would be ready to say something and I would hear what they were about to say. Whether a word or a phrase but I didn' real pay much attention to it. That would happen periodically. And then at the age of 18 I gave someone a prophecy. It was a very direct message. It kind of just came through me and my body was just very jittery. I was raised in a church where there were other prophets but I never thought of that being a part of my life. I even at a young age had a prophet come to me and tell me about my life and who I was destined to be. That's when I realized that I had the gift of prophecy but it wasn't something that I did all the time. Then probably about a year ago I started doing Tarot just for myself. Then one day on a whim after my son got out of the hospital, I wanted to give thanks to the Universe for the safety of my son. I wanted to give complimentary readings to Facebook group members and say it was donation based. It wasn't until I gave a reading to another reader who told me that I had a gift of being able to penetrate her energy... so no more free stuff."

What is Tarot Reading?

"A form of divination. Its a card system with various symbols that have different representations to give you a window into your past present and future."

What draws you to using the Egyptian Tarot Cards?

"It's really funny. I am from South Africa initially, and I think spirtually I just have a very strong connection to Egypt. I am sure that you have seen my logo and it is intentional but it is also one of those things that you second guess. When I was studying art in college it was the Egyptian artwork that spoke to my spirit a lot. I remember one day someone called me Nefertiti. So when I chose the Nefertiti bust as my logo, one of my clients told me that it looked like me. My client told me that she (Nefertiti) could be one of my ancestors."

After a reading what actions do you want your client to take from it?

1. Have the spirit show you the truth. Let God reveal to you the truth.

2. Sit with it.

3. Regardless of what the outcome is going to be, stick to it and heed spirits instruction.

Britanny encourages everyone to balance their lives in 2021. Be okay with questioning what you have been taught, what you think is true and what you know is true.

"Dream big, set goals, & follow them through. The greatest limitations we face are the ones we place on ourselves. You are beautiful & unique so give this world the best version of you!" Brittany Kennedy

To contact Brittany Kennedy for a Tarot Reading, Spiritual Cleansing & Healing Bath, Incantations, Life Coaching, and Spiritual Consultations you can find more information here on her Website and Instagram .

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